Frequently Asked Questions

Dues & Due Dates

When do Homeowners’ Association Annual dues need to be paid?

HOA dues are due on January 1st of each year and are considered late if not received by January 31st.  Late fees are assessed on February 1st.

Where should the Homeowners’ Association Annual Dues payments be mailed?

Association Management Agency (AMA)
96 Inverness Drive East, Suite M
Englewood, CO 80112

When are past due accounts referred to an attorney for collection?

April 1st

ARC – Architectural Review

Why do I need to get approval to complete improvements on my property?

It is a requirement of the Declaration of Covenants which every homeowner agrees to when purchasing a Heritage Place home. Approval from the ARC ensures that a disinterested group of your fellow homeowners will make a judgement that your plans are in ‘harmony’ with the neighborhood and surrounding homes.

What sort of projects do I need approval from the ARC for?

Refer to the Rules and Regulations (available on the HOA website) for specific rules regarding projects needing approval. Generally, any exterior improvement requires ARC approval.

Why do I need approval for repainting my home the same color?

Appropriate color choices for exterior paint evolve over time. Submitting for approval ensures that the paint color is still in harmony with the evolving color palette of your neighbors and the neighborhood at large.


What are our assets?

We have 11.25 acres of greenbelt including a sprinkler system, sidewalks, retaining walls and light poles:

  • The sprinkler system has 11 controllers, 64 water valves and zones, and 464 sprinkler heads.
  • There are approximately 8,000 lineal feet of sidewalk within the common areas.
  • Many dry-lay retaining walls requiring periodic maintenance.
  • 62 Street Lamps, including those at the entry islands on Weaver Ave, Euclid Ave and Heritage Place S.
  • Approximately 175 interior greenbelt trees

We own and maintain the walls on Quebec St which border our neighborhood. We also own and maintain the wood fences on both Arapahoe and Caley. We do not own the concrete block wall on Arapahoe, which was constructed by the county.

At the entrance islands, we own and maintain street lamps, signage and irrigation systems.

How do we take care of assets?

Periodic condition assessments are completed to try to anticipate future problems. The HOA approach to maintenance and partial asset replacement intends to extend asset life indefinitely with appropriate improvements.

We take care of catastrophic events by holding low-deductible insurance for catastrophic losses. We’ve adopted PARPM (Partial Asset Replacement Preventative Maintenance) Asset Management. From 2009 – 2012, the board undertook a program to bring our assets back to good looking and functional status. During this process and for every year thereafter, our repairs have been mandatory repairs and mandatory partial asset replacement. This means that we will have a longer life on all assets. If you are interested in more detail, please get in touch with the board.

Why is our green belt a major “flood plain” and why do I care?

Our green belt is a major “flood plain” because we are on the down side of drainage from Fiddlers Green and Greenwood Plaza office park to Little Dry Creek, which is just outside of our southern border (Arapahoe Road). The volume of water (more than 300 cubic feet per second) that flows through our neighborhood greenbelts during major weather events can cause erosion of our green belts, sidewalks and retaining walls. Repair of this erosion is considered ongoing maintenance for the HOA.

How can I help maintain our community assets?

Please report any concerns with HOA assets to the board and our board administrator. Prompt attention to any issues will help reduce the long-term cost of caring for our shared assets. Please watch for and report any destructive or negligent behavior of neighbors or visitors within our common areas which could threaten the longevity of our assets. Please also keep an eye out for any tree limbs or other vegetation leaning on or affecting HOA walls and fences.


What are the annual HOA dues and what are the planned increases?

Our annual dues are $389.15 (2017) with planned increases of 3% every year. The annual increase is necessary to keep pace with the rising cost of the utilities, materials and services that are required to keep our community assets in good working condition. At the current time, no assessment or other dues increase are anticipated to be necessary.

How much do we spend each year and what is it spent on?

Heritage Place revenues are approximately $175,000/yr.

Our major expenses include:

  • Lawn care (mowing, trimming, aeration, weed control)
  • Tree cutting/pruning in both green belts and fence perimeter
  • Greenbelt infiltration mound construction, removal of rock-contouring surface, addressing any erosion by filling such holes without major sidewalk replacement
  • Utilities (electricity, water, SEMSWA-flood control)
  • Consultants (management, auditors, taxes)
  • Lamp post and general maintenance
  • Sprinkler above and below ground repairs
  • Newsletter and web site
  • Board copying and mailings
  • HOA Sponsored Events like the Spring Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July Parade and Fall Heritage Fest.